Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

How To Get An LTO Student Permit


Getting an LTO student permit is easier than I thought. I don't think I have to explain here why you should get one since you probably already know that it's a prerequisite to getting a driver's license. Opps! Anyways, I'd been longing to get one for myself since I'm kind of scared now driving...

Why Are You Here On Earth?


Let there be silence. Then all suddenly I heard my friend respond, “I don’t think that is an answerable question.” Questions like this one is something we like to avoid, partly because we find it very odd and disturbing. If asked, it makes us pause longer and exchange hard glances with each...

When SEO Ghostwriters Become Real Authors

SEO Writer Cebu

Blogs are meant to help people looking for answers on the Internet. If you have real experience to tell and you share it with others through your blog, that makes sense. But if you post something you don’t really know about since you have never experienced it, that’s another story. Fast...

Wait No More With BPI Express Deposit


It is uncommon to see a bank without much activity. But while this activity means business to other customers, to the still waiting some it’s not. People get bored easily. Besides, having to wait is something everybody normally hates. On the surface, some customers don’t look to be that...

The Story of Black and Doing What You Love


I have worked at a couple of call centers in IT Park, Cebu City.  And at work, I couldn’t help thinking about the things I love to do. I often rationalize, “If money were no object, what would I do with my life?” I was talking to a customer, but my mind always wandered to what excites...